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Criteria For Joining Dark Legacy

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Criteria For Joining Dark Legacy Empty Criteria For Joining Dark Legacy

Post  Arunaill Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:52 am

Before applying with Dark Legacy you need to agree with our guidelines and follow them up.

- Be friendly, helpful, reliable.

- If you 'sign up' for raids with the in-game raid calendar, make sure you show up and stay for 2 hours. Otherwise sign up as 'tentative'.

- You have to know the tactics before signing up for raids. If you haven't gone to a specific raid before. Go to www.wowwiki.com and read tactics and/or go to www.youtube.com and look at the tactics.

- You have to listen to the raidleader's tactics and follow them up. You need to concentrate and focus all times. You will also always know all the tactics of a certain raid and it's raid bosses before you enter. Go read/watch tactics on internet of necesairry. Not knowing tactics in raids can result in raid kick and/or guild kick.

- You have to be lvl 80 and have a gearscore above 4000.

- You have to have the add-ons gearscore and deadlybossmods. Also class-specific mods are needed (healbot/grid, omen, decursive,...) Download at www.curse.com

- Respect the guild and it's guildmembers.

If you get invited to the guild and you dont follow any of these guidelines you will get kicked after a warning or without a warning.


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